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Goal is to tutor out big beaters for a turn 5 game winning swing. Main deck is painfully straight forward. Have two resonators on the board by turn 5, J-Activate Machina, dump giant threats onto the board, then cast March. Playtesting shows that the deck can consistently win by turn 5, or at least be in an overwhelming position by that time. Ro-Box and Automaton make the "combo" more resilient to things like Flame King's Shout, they also are resonators that are good candidates for Magic Screw when you need to bait out removal. This deck struggles again discard and counter based control game 1, but can be overcome with some smart early game plays and patience while you wait for your opportunity to flap Machina.

Screws are for control match ups. Side them in and swing with one larger resonator until it's removed, then repeat.
Down the Drains are to make sure you can survive the match-up against red
Machina 2.0 is for discard heavy match-ups.
Moons are for aggressive non-red decks
Prisons are for match-ups that abuse things like Celestial Wing Seraph or Urthr
Marybells are for pesky Regalia, but also help against counter heavy decks.
Gaze is for the mirror match, or just any match-up where a giant threat that needs to be dealt with consistently comes out.

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Deck Author:RaHoWaJoeFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Jul 8th, 2016