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The deck idea came about when I actually pulled a Faria. The plethora of 1 drops led to Gwiber being a natural conclusion. I was thinking of adding more of the Cardinal Knights (North and South), due to the many methods of life gain in the deck. Especially North. Also contemplated teching in green or black, but that's for when dual stones hit the ground again.

Celestial Wing Seraph gets to work with both Raphael and Little Angel providing that life gain opportunity. Light Sprite is a natural conclusion for a deck focused on life gain. Last People of Gloria is there as an experiment at the moment. Bedivere is a kill spell (not like white really has many of those). Gloria's Castle town is the obvious combo piece. Excalibur X gives longevity to Faria, as we're aiming for a war of attrition in this build. There's no specific winning combination, I'm simply attempting to have a heavier board state than my opponent.

The only card of notice (in mono white) that I can't really squeeze in is gathering of fairies. While it's an immense life gain, the deck favors quantity over quality. And my 1 drops provide a body with life gain.

When dual stones are back in rotation, I'm looking to shift this to either a white/black deck (luficer and dark faria) or white green (negation and mana ramp via wind sprite)

All comments appreciated, thanks for your time!

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Deck Author:SuperDavioFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Jul 7th, 2016





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