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Want to run down an enemy with an onslaught of red guys while having plenty of will to back yourself up? ME TOO!

You'll play slower in the first few turns than a normal red deck, usually trying to drop in a Blessing of Yggdrasil to draw out your First Flight's Memoria. I usually get out a Rukh egg and Guin if I can, or a lance. They normally don't survive, but I try to get my hand as big as possible for the turn I will flip. Arla's flip with a FF Memoria is great value, and you can use High Speed Dash to set up future flips.
After you flip, you'll have 5 will to work with. I tend to float any will I can when recovering stones from Arla's effect, so the goal is to drop as many resonators as possible to do as much damage as you possibly can. Alisaris is a great card if you have Blood Boil removed because it lets you get it in for a lot more damage, while recycling it from grave. Pricia and Blood Boil are used to do as much direct damage as possible.
And above all, attacking with Arla should be your last possible play. You lose a lot of momentum if he goes down, so flip him back with HSD to Judgement again!

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Deck Author:pratetrainFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Jul 3rd, 2016





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