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Faria, the Sacred Queen and Melgis, the Flame King are the first two starter decks from the Alice Cluster.
Each starter deck package contains 2 complete decks (1 Ruler, main deck (50 cards), Magic stone deck (10 cards) ) x2.
Each starter deck package comes with 2 play sheets, 2 manual for beginners and advanced rules.
Contains an extra full art, no text version of one of the five Magic Stones in The Crimson Moon's Fairy Tale expansion.
Introduces the Bishop, Egg, Holy Beast and Seven Kings race. Introduces the Regalia card type and the God's Art abilities.
Includes support for the Dragon, Knight and Knight of the Round Table races.

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Deck Author:CardgameRobotFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Apr 3rd, 2016





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