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All-Range deck that excels in mid-range. Early game if you're not drawing well, you can flip to control the field and make large swings for lots of damage. If your opponent is using a lot of regalia, you can play slow and use your resonator hate to stay alive while poking with the resonators of your own.
Once you can hard cast Lucifer the deck is in it's right zone, and it generally will try to stall opponent plays until then.

Deathscythe for Ruler-based decks
Globe for more speed.
Barrier of Shadows and Space-Time Collapse for any deck running a lot of regalia.
Blessed Holy wolf for opposing Barrier of Shadows
Witch of the Night is for dealing with Red, specifically Lance whose effect she can prevent -- and using one of the globes we'll hopefully have out.
Silencing spell is, tricky. It's devastating to opponents if you can get it to stick so if you don't see a lot of responses to your kill spells side it in and slap it onto one of their elvish priests or some other mana dork.

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Deck Author:pratetrainFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:May 30th, 2016





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