The Legend of Grimm Apollo's Bow -

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Trying out a new deck concept. Building off of Bow Grimm by adding Apollo and focusing the deck more so around awakening cards. Percy's there as an alt T1 play to priest to turbo to your Regalia. Alternatively, if you want a less greedy stone base (Wind, Light, and Fire to cover for the non-Fairy Tales), you can take her out for the more traditional Gretel. Apollo works with Matchstick Girl and Etna for extra value. Demonflame is there for easy kills off of all the chip damage the deck is capable of (Bow, Girl, Snow White). Or you can just stack all that chip onto something.
List is untested and still in the theory crafting stages, but I think it's worth trying out.

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Deck Author:XenoLegacyFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:May 7th, 2016





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