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This is a NecroLance deck featuring Dark Alice. If the game drags on you can use Fetal Movement in Outer World late game to remove a lot of cards from your opponent's graveyard to try to get them ten or more cards in their removed area to buff your Dark Alice with Schrodinger.

NecroLance's major weakness is Robe of Fire-Rat if you are playing competitively, you will want to side board in some sort of addition hate. You will want to god art fairly early to get that -2/-2 across the board. This will allow you to call Schrodinger. You can use him and a moon shade to bring in a Tsukuyomi Noble and run Apollos or use another moon shade to awaken it. This will make it a 7/9 (getting it out of Flame of the Outer World range), destroy that pesky Robe of Fire-Rat and also disable your opponent's activated abilities on their resonator's if they don't control a moon.

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Deck Author:ParaFishFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:May 1st, 2016





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