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This is the Yggdrasil version of the sacred beast deck. It has a defensive edge to it and shines in the late game. It has a lot of ramp so you can get your beasts out and call in the more intensive stuff like Huanglong or Alice. Child of the Forest is a great blocker and can stop any J-Ruler centered decks that swing hard. This card can stop flying and won't take any damage from a J-Ruler's swing. If you have exhausted most of your key resonators you will want to banish Horn of Sacred Beast so you get them back from your graveyard and refresh your deck.

One of your hardest match ups will be against Gill Lapis. His god art can steal one of your Alices, her regalia and a wind-secluded refuge if you decided to put one in the deck. This will be a huge blow if it happens. I've sideboarded 2 glimpse of kaguya to counter such an occasion. You will want to sideboard other things to contend with what the opponent is throwing at you. Susano is for Gwiber spam, Izanagi or Sign to the Future for board clear. Wind-Secluded Refuge if your opponent is playing a ton of removal. Law of Silence can be used if you get your beast combo off and want to stop the opponent from doing anything while you swing for game.

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Deck Author:ParaFishFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Apr 29th, 2016





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