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An aggro deck, with seven Pricia cards in total. Outside of that it is mainly an aggro deck that plays as a beast tribal, though it can sideboard in a bunch of cards that allow it to play a much slower game, though it will gain a weakness of drawing few cards.
The ruler - Pricia, the beast lady - was mainly chosen because of the ability that gives beasts +100/+100, though it is a bit expensive.
The resonators will each be covered in a small segment
Ratatoskr: It's ability to cast other resonators at whenever you have priority is a powerful ability and you can use it to only play cards on the end of your opponents turn, or use them as a pseudo-pump spell for Ratatoskr.
Survivor of Sissei: Essentially a 600/600 for 1, cheap with good stats.
Familiar of holy wind: A draw spell that also works to destroy resonators
Morgiana: Makes draw spells (though few) far better.
Bastet: This deck is a bit slow for an aggressive deck, however bastet allows the deck to be far better in the late game when players have more cards in their graveyard
Slayer of the Overlord, Pricia: Basically an aggresive creature that can and will pump itself. Can also steal opponents stuff.
Pricia, Pursuant of Exploding Flames: Both aggressive and can act as removal, over all very strong.
Behemoth: A powerful card that is a bit expensive. It should serve to be able to out value opponents resonators by being able to fight a creature and deal damage to the opponent.
Rapid growth: Repeatable pump spell.
Xeex: Toolbox spell with many uses
Ambush: cast creatures on the cheap
Sissei: Field boost and draw spell
Magic stones are for mana production, though some also double as repeatable draw and pump effects.

Wall of wind: Capable of not just taxing opponents, but also countering.
Keen sense: More preventative action.
More Bastet.
Foment, for REALLY slow match ups.
Ambush: Just in case.

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Deck Author:MaolongFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Nov 13th, 2017





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