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A deck that is a strange combination of ramp, control, and aggro. It accomplishes this through the use of tribal support which allows it filtering capabilities and a choice of a defensive or offensive play style.
The ruler mainly acts as the main form of removal in the deck and is incredible when played for zero.
The resonators are mainly elves which either ramp, filter, or provided tribal support. Unless it it Wiseman of Winds in which case it is simply a good attacker.
Spells are either pump spells or cards to cheat creatures into play, it should be obvious which is which.
The additions mainly serve as a win condition using the power of your amassed army of elves.
The sideboard is really self explanatory good against additions, vampires, control, aggro, and an extra win condition.

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Deck Author:MaolongFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Nov 8th, 2017





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