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An aggressive deck that focuses on getting vampires out and making them bigger with small amounts of spot removal and taxing to prevent interaction.
The ruler, Rezzard, the undead lord, was chosen mainly because of better offensive capabilities.
The resonators were chosen out of either A) creating a fast clock. B) Having a relevant ability that would allow it to give you an advantage. or C) Being a vampire that isn't the worst card in the set.
The only spell exists to draw more cards to fuel the relentless assualt
The Additions exist to, in order: Tax the opponent to slow them down, Increase your own resonators stats, or buff all of your vampires.
Among the sideboard Jeanne d'arc is for when you are the aggressor against a resonator heavy deck and should replace Lora. Black ribbon and stoning to death are both used in the same match up however what they are going to switch out with will switch depending on the match up. Silencing spell is used for when you are the aggressor against not as creature heavy decks. Lora and whispers are both used when you are not the aggressor to try to out wit the opponent and keep your resources high.

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Deck Author:MaolongFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Nov 8th, 2017





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