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The idea of this deck to to abuse doubling of bonuses to the maximum effect possible. Crimson Girl flips to double all bonuses from cards. Pricia further doubles anything applied to her, while Beowulf doubles damage he deals. The remaining resonators can be buffed as well, but are there mainly to provide enough will to cast things.

One of the cool combos here is with Beowulf and Beastly Attack. Since he doubles whenever he deals damage, if your opponent blocks him, his damage is doubled to the resonator, then THAT damage is doubled to your opponent. So even without Little Red flipped, he deals 1800 to your opponent if they don't block, and 3600 to them if they do block!

Ame-no-habakiri provides another way to force damage through. Rapid Growth paired with Little Red provides +1600/+1600 for two wind, and if applied to Pricia or Beowulf, that translates to +3200 damage!

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Deck Author:StormyWatersFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Apr 27th, 2016





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