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This deck has several mechanics to quickly get your removal area filled up for a fast flip. If you happen to pull Blazer, you will want to use Guinevere to discard it to your graveyard and in turn send it to your removal area. If the game isn't going well and your not removing cards through traditional means (your regalia, memoria, goddesses, etc.). Then you can discard a Deathsycthe with Guinevere and remove cards in your graveyard that way (remember you can remove 3, 6, 9, or 12 (must be multiples of 3) cards from your graveyard to your removal area with a single Deathsycthe ability. Cheshire should be used to semi control the damage you be flipping with Keeper of the Future.

Once you get the removal you can flip your ruler and close out the game with your goddesses. Verdandi is a 10/10 and Urthr becomes a 11/11. If you start running out of options and the game drags on you can use the eternal Blazer from your removed area over and over again to close out the game.

You can replace your dragons with time-traveling emissararies if Susano is a threat in your match up. The time traveling emissary acts as a tool for your removal area and can ping an enemy creature for damage, allowing you to follow up with a demonflame.

You can also play sign of the future in your standby for 2 void to clear the board if things start to get out of control. I have included 2 Marybells to take out regalia.

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Deck Author:ParaFishFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Apr 27th, 2016





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