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The goal of the deck is card and field advantage. Every resonator creates a threat as well as takes something from your opponent, either by killing something from the board or stripping cards from their hand. Three different Stealth resonators means your opponent doesn't know what's coming, and everything they manage to play is in danger.

Spiral of Despair with Pandora means they're discarding two cards at random, which can be really painful. Any of the Stealth resonators can be fed to Incarnate Nyarlathotep if you need to take something from their hand. Demonic Commander provides flying damage and persistent discards, which also helps to flip Merlin for more removal and beats. Dark Faria provides life gain to recover anything that got through, as well as Awakening to kill something. Lucifer is a real beast in this deck, too. He's big, he flies, he gains life (thanks to the moon stones), and he can get around resonators that can't be targeted. Finally, Mephistopheles provides a huge body with Flying and Target Attack, and hurts your opponents to remove. His cost is offset as most resonators are expendable after their entry conditions are used.

Necronomicon is there just as a last resort. If you manage to run out of cards and end up needing some assistance, Necronomicon brings back all those cards you've used. Scorns, Stoning to Death, or all those dead resonators are back in business, giving you a huge boost in threats.

From the board you have Luminescent Bamboo Bullets in case of decks that have heavy protection from darkness, with moon stones to Awaken it if necessary. The board also has Dark Pulse for decks that pump out threats too fast for the heavy spot-removal the main deck normally uses. The rest of the board is still unfinished, so let me know what you think!

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Deck Author:StormyWatersFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Apr 24th, 2016





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