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This deck focuses on getting the most value from it's cards, with sticky minions and high value spells with cost reduction. The aim is to curve out nicely into the mid-late game to get off the "March of the Machine Lord" win condition, however with a strong hand, you can power play on turn 3-4 and then Judgement on turn 5 for a fast win.

The sideboard contains answers for mostly control match-ups as being able to build a board is crucial for the deck, as well as specific answers for the currently popular stealth decks and other decks that rely on powerful enter turn effects in the way of Dummy Doll and Prison in the Lunar Lake.

Edit: -2 Separation of Body and Soul from Sideboard, +2 Down the Drain into Sideboard
Reason: Early removal needs to be more consistent vs. Aggro decks than vs. decks in which SoB&S is useful.

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Deck Author:QwanoFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Aug 24th, 2016





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