My Duelist Soul Burns with the Intensity of a Thousand Sun -

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Turn 1: You generally want to start with Rukh Egg to set up for turn 2, Flame Sprite is always good for control to trigger death touch from seperating body and soul or demonflame. Since this IS an aggro deck, flying swiftness is not bad at all, especially if you have bloody axe.

Turn 2: Into Lars who is guarantee to survive or at least bait some removals if you don't have the ideal cards you can set Memory of Flame or judgement with melgis if u have regalia ramp's always nice. Alternative is drop Rukh Egg and attack with Flame Sprite with Axe to give egg for search and swing for 600

Turn 3: OHOHOHO 3 mana cost for 10/10 Beat Stick and draw mechanic yea i m talking about Charloette no lars? no problem we have our baby Spirit of Certo. Athena? Pft overrated, sure she can be buffed beyond her value but for cheap damage a 3 drop for 900 is PRETTY GOOD. I would say RG Pricia is more value due to symbol skill galore and leftover Burn from deathrattle but this is is Blue Red.

Turn 4: at this point you should have control of the board, if not then you can probably drop matchstick girl and awaken for some matchsticks or flame trap if you're getting swarmed.

Spells repertoire are generally removals, or control for you to go for face without block or getting rid of big beef drops liek Arthur. Bloodboil for either rush damage or burn damage #STYLEPOINT

Blazing Metropolis is there to reuse spells end game, mainly Blood Boil

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Deck Author:TypeMoonFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Aug 22nd, 2016





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