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This a fairly standard Sylvia aggro deck but with the addition of several one-of tech cards that are searchable with Rukh Egg. I like having them as options later in the game, but they could easily be replaced with something else to customize the deck to your liking. Replacing with Thunder is a good option if you don't have or like the techy cards. Another recommended option is removing Gilles and Susan (sideboard susan for Gwiber decks) for another Urthr and Little Dread.

The reason Guin is not here is because she can slow you down against other aggressive decks. Usually she is used to eat Rukh Eggs, but instead she is replace by another card that eats Rukh Egg: Cthuga. This gives the deck two optimal opening hands:

Elvish Priest, Wall of Wind, and Pricia or Lancelot with Rapid Growth
Rukh Egg and Cthuga.

If you're on the play and have the latter hand, you can guarantee your opponent takes at least 1000 damage before they even get to draw by incarnating Cthuga off Rukh Egg, searching out another Cthuga and incarnating again. If you get lucky you can live the dream and deal 2000 to your opponent on turn 1.

Sideboard is pretty self-explanatory.

Robes for mirror. Bowmen for robes. Foment for grindy matches, Portal for Arthur. Fetal for when they don't run special stones. Etc.

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Deck Author:LeonhardtFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Apr 20th, 2016





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