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This deck is all about stealing your opponent's key resonators and board wiping with Arthur / Perceval or Arthur / Muse. You will want to get a Realm of Pure Spirits or Wind-Secluded Refuge up to protect your Valentina, Puppet Monarch from any kind of removal. If they do happen to break through your defenses and take out your Valentina, Puppet Monarch then you can banish the creature that she stole with a Laevateinn on the chase. Cheshire & Perceval are used to draw the cards you need. Make sure to have one regalia in your beginning draw for Ruler's Memoria. Between using your God Art and Valentina, Puppet Monarch you will have 4 chances to control your opponent's key resonators.

Shion can be side boarded in for round 2. Replace Gleipner w/ Hydromonica and Medusa w/ Drill Sergeant.

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Deck Author:ParaFishFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Apr 17th, 2016





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