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Hello itsame Sylvia, bet you thought you've seen the last of me.

Wind maybe chill but I spit da supah hot firah.

It's a very standard Rush aggro deck with Sylvia.
Flame Sprite and Zhu Que's to pop death touch from demon flame or straight up removal. Bonus for swiftness

Its a Red/Green Aggro, why WOULDNT you run Pricia, its bascially a burn to cinder everyturn with a 500 face dmg if she dies.
Athena is athena 100 burn dmg finish for BM also , bonus 12 Apostle Trait
Urthr is there to remove bigger threats specifically rulers also has chill combo with Flame King Shout

Win Condition if you havent won around turn 5 is resident Shota overlord GIL KUN
If you dont already have behemoth you can play Gil-kun's Dark side and tudor
Drop behemoth and swing for 1500 straight up bonus with if you have BLood Boil

Blood Boil is multi purpose either burn damage or bonus swing with Behemoth
Flame Trap to TIP the scale
Rapid Growth to win unfavorable trades, demonflame is demonflame.

Rewriting Law for draw power/deck thinning and to play normal face Gil if you get mana locked.

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Deck Author:TypeMoonFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Jul 29th, 2016





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