Dalice's Face Screams Moistness -

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Standard Stuff you see in Black/Blue Dalice with a spin which is, Alice's Castling

Alice's Little Scout is standard 1cost fodder for draw/block or Incarnation fodder for the resident Teethed Vagina: Adombrali
Turn 4 onward is where it shine where I can Castling Lucifer for Lucifers because I heard you liked Lucifers so I brought more Lucifers for you to Lucifers
In case thats not enough Lucifers for you Throw in a Seraph in there so she can bring out lucifer to start the combo

Hera and Pricia can be castling'd around each other or Straight up place Valetina side for amazing board presence.

Time Gazer elf is just there for draws and castling with lucifer.

Scorn of Dark Alice and Lapis' Dark Storm is just there because your tears keep me moist
No reason to NOT run BM beam in a Dark deck, too good.

Time Space Anomaly is probably one of the best spell there is, -500 doesn't count as damage, also gives a draw as well as remnant. Because it's remnant I am only running 3

Regalias are just there so I don't draw into a dead ruler's memoria.

Shroedinger for Dalice
Horn for graveyard recycling incase all my lucifer die and go to hell
laevatein because it's not pro if it doesn't have laevatein
Excalibur because I don't have enough laevatein

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Deck Author:TypeMoonFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Jul 29th, 2016





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