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The deck revolves around Lancelot as a source of agro and control. All the cards in the deck outside of the 5 and 6 drop serve to amp up Lancelot so that so that he may continuously use his target-able damage. Rapid Growth is important as it's a very cheap and consistent way to ramp up Lancelot whenever you can. Overall a simple deck that I came up with and have yet to try out but from theory it seems to be pretty okay.

Deck list


- Sylvia - Essential for her converting elements. Refrain from using judgement unless absolutely safe for a game winning play.


- Rukh Egg x4 - Used as a cheap blocker to search for Lancelot.
- Guinevere x2 - Useful stand alone card for draw. Extra rukh eggs can be sacrificed this way for a double dip in draw/search.

- Lancelot x4 - The bread and butter of this deck.
- Hector x4 - Lancelot's #1 bae. Really only there for the buff and afterwards serves as a body.
- Behemoth x1 - Generic big drop for late game. Serves as a win condition
- Avatar Alice x1 - Generic big drop for late game. Serves as a stall mechanic and alternate win condition


- Rapid Growth x4 - Serves as a very consistent method of buffing up Lancelot so that he has access to his targetable damage.
- Demonflame x4 - Must have in any deck that can run it. Serves as a method of executing as well as early game removal
- Beast Queen Counterattack x4 - Used to ramp up Lancelot so he has access to his targetable damage, and then generally removes something as well.
- Last Drop x4 - Might as well be running an extra 4 Lancelots.
- Blood Boil x2 - Bloodboil can be used to suicide rush Lancelot if need be and then brought back right afterwards with Last Drop. Can also be used for game winning damage.


- Wind-Secluded Refuge x2 - Mostly for the draw but can be used as a spell canceller to protect Lancelot or your big drops.

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Deck Author:cookehloveFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Jul 28th, 2016