Kurt Irving's Magical Pricia Bomb -

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Missing from this list (because CGR doesn't have Vingolf 2 yet);

4x Kurt Irving : RR3 - 1000/1000
Swiftness First Strike
Whenever a resonator that was dealt damage by this card this turn is put into a graveyard ? This card deals 500 damage to your opponent.

3x Sniping from the Blind Spot : U - Chant:Instant
Return target rested resonator to its owner's hand.


Objective behind this deck is get Kurt out, put a Blood Covered War Axe onto him, have a lot of small things on the field, as well as on your opponents field, attack, then after the Axe's 200 damage ping resolves, cast Interdimensional Escape.

All of your other resonators and all but one of your opponents resonators immediately hit the graveyard. Since they were all damaged by Kurt, his effect deals X times 500 to your opponent, where X is equal to the amount of resonators that went into both players graveyards.

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Deck Author:YurumatesFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Jul 27th, 2016





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