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Alright so I have been striving to get a Shion deck to work. My meta is a small group but within that small group are really good players including myself, however ever since the moonlit savior came out I'm feeling a bit lost in terms of what I'm really comfortable playing. I'm also the type of player that enjoys playing decks that differ from the others here. This is my attempt at a competitive Shion deck. The whole goal of this deck is to consistently flip on either turn 2 or 3 and depending on who fast or control oriented your opponents deck is, flipping on turn 4 can be ok. That's not all, we are also going to try and flip more than once which I will explain below.

Card Breakdown:

[RULER] - Songstress of Shangri-La
so I love the fact that I can see the next card in my deck to ensure I make the right choices for what I do on both my turn and the opponents turn. Then having an uncounterable way to cheat expensive resonators in early is great! the icing on the cake is that her gods art is essentially a giant removal spell.

Hydromonica - Helps us filter the top card of our deck as well as more importantly searching for the card we need to draw on or next turn or to cheat in as well as the card draw from having multiples in hand if we so need it.

Deep Blue - Mainly for the ability to get that surprise extra will and to up the regalia count for our Ruler's Memoria. I am however considering swapping this out with something else, possibly Artemis Bows or Deathsythe.

Laevateinn - This helps with multiple things. Give our ruler swiftness so we can bash in after cheating something in like an Arthur Pendragon. It gives our j-ruler Imperishable which is highly needed for ability to flip Shion more than once which I will explain further down. Lastly it acts as removal when coupled with Valentina, Puppet monarch, Just take their most problematic/threatening resonator then banish it.

Elvish Priest - Its a 1 will mana producing resonator, this helps with run 2 flips if the top card is right and just general ramping. Possibly swapping out for Moonbreeze Elf.

Cheshire Cat - the most obvious reason is because she lets us look at 2 cards and then put back whatever we don't want on top of the deck or more importantly put a resonator back on top to get onto the field with a Shion flip.

Morgiana - This card just helps so much with ensuring you get the cards you need especially those resonators that you want to be cheated in.

Duel of Truth - ok so yes this acts as a 1 will instant removal spell but thats not the main reason why this is in here. What its really meant for in this deck is a means to reset Shion at will when you have Laevateinn on the field to give her imperishable so that you can flip her again into another threat.

Laying the Foundation - Ok so I haven't seen much of this card played but I feel in this deck its so valuable especially when you have a Morgiana on field. Playing this on the end of your opponents turn when you have her lets you see 9 cards, 9 CARDS!!! then put 2 back on top of your deck. place a card you want to draw on top and the resonator that you want to Shion to flip into just under that one.

Seal of Wind and Light - With access to moon in out mana base this just seamed like the logical counter spell to play. Sometimes there are cards we just don't want our opponents to play and we also don't want them to try something when we attempt to stop that play. This card was the logical choice for that.

Humpty Dumpty - Just another way to cheat in our resonators as well as getting him out on turn 2 can be scary, staring down an 800/800 that early in the game is not something your opponents want, especially if they don't have an answer in hand. in the mid to late game it he also allows for double plays, when you flip with Shion again to get a resonator into play and then banish Humpty to get a second resonator.

Valentina, Puppet Monarch - Helps us with tempo by stealing a key resonator on the opponents side of the field and works well with Laevateinn by letting us banish the stolen resonator so that they cant get it back. Can also be a flip target for Shion if need be.

Lucifer - A flier that cant be killed by flames, causes your opponent to banish a resonator and has the ability to gain you life, yes please! oh and did I mention it can be cheated in by a resonator that gets cheated in by Shion :p

Celestial Wing Seraph - This is Lucifers friend, she can cheat him in even when she is cheated in herself by Shion. Solid attack and defense with flying as well as gaining you life when she attacks.

Arthur Pendragon - One of the most annoying resonators out there. Essentially acts as a board wipe by making your opponents resonators crash into him and can be targets by most of the premiere removal spells and abilities in the game.

Purplemist - An untargetable flying 1000/1000. Great card, the only downside is that against any sort of red deck, it would have to be sided out for the threat that is Susanowo

Magic Stone of Moon Shade - Provides all the colors we need as well as also providing moon will to activate Lucifers ability and the awakening cost on Seal of Wind and Light.

Rulers Memoria - Gives us access to all our colors without having to pay the 200 life as we do with Moon Shade.

Magic Stone of Moon Light - Again, allows us to play all our colors by coping the will that can be produced by our other magic stones.

[Side Board}
I have not tuned this yet and when I do it will be tuned to my meta so it is essentially going to be different for you to suit your own meta.

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