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This deck focuses on using Alice, the Saint of Healing and Heart Stirring Sage to buff up all of Alice's army as well as protect them. The deck also features some resonators from some of the other kingdoms who decided to help Alice's army. The Wingman of Armalla came to give Alice's soldiers wings, and the Artificial Moon came to shield Alice's soldiers, and as well to become the Death Star that we all know he is with some help form his buddy Heart Stirring Sage. Alice is also keeping a pet cthulhu (he sometimes eats Alice's soldiers, Yikes!!!). We can't forget about our friend Moonbreeze fairy who came to help give Alice some magic to increase her ability to buff her army. The final assistant is Pricia, (although she seems to have a split personality disorder) and she is here to battle and to take our enemies hostage. I hope you like this deck!!!

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Deck Author:RadiantPythonFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Jul 16th, 2016





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