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little something i'm working on.

during playing i tend to flip as soon as can, start swinging with 14+ and being able to cancle activated's is nice to get on board but always wait till have at least 1 globe and depending on opponents deck 1 wind secluded.
i sometimes toy with having prison in the lunar lakes to also be able to cancel auto abils. they will probably find they way back into the deck idk.
run the couple scorns mainly for info, getting to know hand for only 1 cost is crazy helpful. but they may be removed as it's seldom game changing.
wind secluded's are a new addition to the deck, they got put in simply for BMB as it's auto triggers so is able to cancle "cannot be chased" cards it's crucial to have in all decks using J-Ruler i'll probably drop them down to 2 or 3 since most only use 1-2 BMB but as said like to flip early so having 4 insures i get one early
call of primo i'ld also like to bump up but deck space being limited i'm having hard time finding room as with field i can get things back by discarding but with few resonators in deck many times you don't have one to discard let alone one you WANT to discard.

the stones i tend to have it 3/3/3 then the 10th bounces between a 4th of any of them.
also go ahead and use dual stones as i pretty much just play deck among friends + read dual stones are being reprinted in new vingolf so will be usable again soon.

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Deck Author:awol_lsdFormat:New FrontiersPosted on:Jul 15th, 2016





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