Girl in Twilight Garb

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Card details:

Card Name:Girl in Twilight GarbCard Types:Ruler - WandererCard Text:Judgment . Play this ability only if you have removed three or more cards from the game with this card's ability.
: Remove target card in your opponent's graveyard from the game.
Attributes:Expansions:The Twilight WandererRarity:Rare

J/Ruler Details:

Card Name:Dark Alice, Maiden of SlaughterCard Types:J-Ruler - Shadow - KnightCard Text:Target Attack
When this card enters your field, choose a number. Destroy all resonators with total cost equal to the chosen number.
God's Art : J/resonators your opponent controls gain [-200/-200]. Search your main deck for a card named "Schrodinger, the Fallen Black Cat" and put it into your field. Then shffle your main deck. (Play God's Art only once per game.)

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