Falltgold, the Dragoon

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Card details:

Card Name:Falltgold, the DragoonCard Types:Ruler - KnightCard Text:J-Activate Banish a fire resonator.
Activate : Search your main deck for a Dragon resonator, reveal it and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your main deck.
Attributes:Expansions:The Castle of Heaven and The Two TowersRarity:Rare

J/Ruler Details:

Card Name:Bahamut, the Dragon KingCard Types:J-Ruler - DragonCard Text:Flying (While attacking, this card cannot be blocked by J/resonator without Flying.)
Enter This card deals damage to target resonator equal to the ATK of resonator banished for its judgment cost.
Activate Banish a fire resonator: This card gains Imperishable until end of turn.

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