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Yggdrasil the World Tree - by AmethystTyrant on Mar 19th, 2018 just trying how to learn how to play the game.
25 Resonators
11 Spells
2 Additions
2 Regalias
The Nameless Girl - by croos on Mar 1st, 2018 The author did not enter a description.
44 Resonators
20 Spells
12 Additions
6 Regalias
Holy Matrimony - by BlackBack on Feb 23rd, 2018 The author did not enter a description.
24 Resonators
13 Spells
11 Additions
9 Regalias

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First Lightcomment posted by Maolong on Nov. 7th, 2017I recently built my first one too.
Is it okay if I ask you why you choose to build this deck like this and about your choice on cards?
Fairy Garrisoncomment posted by Maolong on Nov. 7th, 2017Your deck looks amazing to me, do you have a lot of experience with the game?
Toxicats Pricia fast furious fun tribute deckcomment posted by Maolong on Nov. 7th, 2017Personally I think that this deck looks really good, however I am new to the game and as such don't really have a good grasp on it yet. Do you have any suggestions for designing a deck?

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