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Call of Niflheim - by Asthos on Oct 22nd, 2016 A mid speed deck designed to flood your graveyard with cards so you can play Necronomicon, and dig your opponent a grave as large as your own. Use cards like Forty Thieves and The Scorn of Dark Alice in the early game to help start your graveyard off, and to cripple your opponent's first moves. Use Executioners to beef up the threat of destroying y
20 Resonators
10 Spells
10 Additions
NIGHTMARE IS COMING!!! - by RedJolti on Oct 22nd, 2016 The annoying deck is real now!
4 Resonators
18 Spells
7 Additions
10 Regalias
Therewolves - by FoxCake on Oct 21st, 2016 Currently Editing and deciding on card numbers
32 Resonators
16 Spells
20 Additions

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Apollosphere, the Moon Lancecomment posted by Ataco17 on Oct. 20th, 2016I like this card. It has an interesting strategy wrapped around it.
Alice's Pursuitcomment posted by Ataco17 on Oct. 20th, 2016This card used to be extremely useful in my opinion. Now that it is known as "total cost 5 or more" rather than "total cost 5 or less" it is not as desirable.
Pricia's Squadcomment posted by Jamienxn on Oct. 13th, 2016What a lovely deck person I don't know

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