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Mono Blue Wererabbits - by TomIsAGuy on Jun 12th, 2017 WERERABBITS, beware.
29 Resonators
4 Spells
9 Additions
BLEEBLABLADBOOP - by KillerKorpse99 on Jun 3rd, 2017 A tempo deck that should be better, but it isn't because database is weak.
20 Resonators
17 Spells
3 Regalias
Dark Shion - by Rezzard_is_my_husbando on May 29th, 2017 Alice's pursuit = Charlotte's water transformation magic
Hamelin's Pied Piper = Captain Hook
11 Resonators
23 Spells
7 Regalias

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Rock Solidcomment posted by Dkuroi on Apr. 6th, 2017'Ruler's memoria' is banned
Cthuthlucomment posted by ecwscorpion209 on Mar. 16th, 2017How do you change the format?
fairy alicecomment posted by roby3613 on Mar. 14th, 2017I like your build please check mine out and let me know what you think I personally stopped using Alice because with the way i was playing the deck it didnt suit it any more


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