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Gill Havoc In Progress - by Asthos on Dec 8th, 2016 The author did not enter a description.
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17 Spells
4 Additions
4 Regalias
Gill deck TESTING - by Crash on Dec 7th, 2016 4x monkey trapped in life
15 Resonators
13 Spells
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Sylvia Dragon Death - by Niicholaii on Dec 3rd, 2016 1st deck created for FoW; early Will ramp; mid multi target spray; late: end with Yamata;

Missing :: Magic Stone Analysis (G +1) CFC-060 Common * 4
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Machina MaryBell Water Supportcomment posted by ZoeZoe2227 on Dec. 4th, 2016Hey!
Interesting deck with the 2.0 Machina in SB !
I think Remote Control Beast is the best card for this deck you HAVE TO play 4 copies of it !!!!
Same for Maryabella Insane Machine: she's usally way better than Remote Control Golem
and she's stronger on Machina Judgement cause of Pierce and Regroup ability ^^

Dark Machina which can search a card is pretty strong too:
sometimes it s better to search for him at 3 end turn and play it to search a March of the machine lord for only 3 more :D

I'm not a big fan of your anti-aggro multiple one-slot:
you are strong enough against them, at least you can race them,
you should think more about Control match-up ;)
Sharks in Blackcomment posted by Asthos on Nov. 27th, 2016I like the idea of using some cards for Stealth-Standby protection, as well as taking advantage of Riza and Melder's insane combo potential. However I think your ruler is a bit of an oddball choice. Perhaps it would be better to use Seer of the Blue Moon for cheaper Stealth-Standby costs, and also some pumpkin witches so you can rush your opponent for the kill (Especially since you have little in the way of protection otherwise, and you'll burn out very quickly if you can't secure an early kill). However if you have you're heart set on using Yggdrasil for the Alice x Excaliber combo, then go ahead. But I don't feel like it works very well with this particular strategy even IF you're purposely trying to eat your health down with Riza.
grimm controlcomment posted by ZoeZoe2227 on Oct. 23rd, 2016Cool deck
but becareful Tell a Fairy Tale is banned in Wanderer tournament !

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