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10Gwiber, the White Dragon10Mephistopheles, the Abyssal Tyrant10Girl in Twilight Garb10Gwiber, the White Dragon9.8Songstress of Shangri-La

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TEST - by konmkelfeic1998 on Sep 24th, 2016 TEST DECK 2
43 Resonators
24 Spells
10 Additions
4 Regalias
test_1 - by konmkelfeic1998 on Sep 24th, 2016 TEST DECK
34 Resonators
14 Spells
7 Additions
2 Regalias
TEST - by Not_Me_You_Me_Me on Sep 24th, 2016 Just want to see if I'm any good at deck building... I'm not used to using really old rulers, so I'm giving it a go here.
22 Resonators
11 Spells
8 Additions

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Make Attoractia Great Againcomment posted by bwar on Sep. 20th, 2016I think you should add Lavinia Lane from Vingolf 2. Allows you to recover a regalia making the removal portion of the game much quicker.
Sylvia's Back!comment posted by bwar on Sep. 20th, 2016I feel like you didn't mean to add the apple bombs and thunder. Going to assume they are placeholders for CFC cards.
Another Green Machina Deckcomment posted by ZoeZoe2227 on Sep. 15th, 2016+Clockwork soldier
+Marybel small assistant
+Dark Machina
+Marybel insane self aware machine
--TIkTok / Ro box
-Wind secluted refuge
+Marybel Steel Doll
+Magic Screw to search with Machina activate ability for 1 end of turn :D

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